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Heavy Duty Cleaner Degreaser and Household Cleaning Product

*Industrial Strength* Degreaserizer´┐Ż Now Available.....
A single 32 oz bottle of heavy duty degreaser cleaner which can be sprayed on carpets, concrete, tile and even porcelain can lift tough stains that have been embedded inside the surface which adds quicker and easier removal.. Concentrated formula that effectively breaks up oil, grease and other tough soils    No other liquid cleaning products is created as powerful as Degreaserizer..  One application of Degreaserizer will remove all of the excess soil and grease on any surface without the risk of damaging the finish of the surface

Are you tired of Dirt On Your Carpets and Tile? - Degreaserizer´┐Ż is the #1 hard surface floor cleaner you will want to try!

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