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Black Organic Hemp Sling

Black Organic Hemp Sling

Price: $58.95

Baby is going to love this soft organic hemp. You've gotta have a simple black sling to go with any outfit. Lightweight with a little stretch, this sling is a must have for any mother who wants something natural and cozy. All of the slings are made with only the highest quality 100% cotton fabrics. Each sling is carefully handcrafted and reinforced three times to support babies as heavy as 35 lbs. How to use your Organic ""Midnight - Designer"" Baby Sling Using your sling is simple and fun, but you need to practice a few times to feel really comfortable with it. Following are some simple instructions and tips on how to best wear your Karma Carrier. Some helpful tips: 1. Practice when your baby is well fed and well rested. 2. Always make sure your baby is secure before letting go. 3. Always support your baby while bending over. 4. Have fun-this is going to make such a big difference in you and your baby's life!

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