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Bath Ball Tub Filter

Bath Ball Tub Filter

Price: $59.95

Bath Ball Tub Filter ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND - THE ONLY FILTER DESIGNED TO FILTER BATH WATER SUPPLE, SMOOTH SKIN AND SOFT, SILKY, MANAGEABLE HAIR The Bath Ball is for people who want a quick, messless way to fill their bath with clean, filtered water. The Bath Ball utilizes the new PowerDisk patented FilterFoam technology, designed exclusively for water filter applications. The new PowerDisk will eliminate dirt, sediment, odors and chlorine that causes dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair, eye, lung and sinus irritation. Added PowerDisk benefits are your bathtub will stay cleaner longer because the filter reduces lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits and helps to soften your water naturally (without salt!!) leaving your skin supple and smooth and your hair soft, silky and manageable.

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